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La Mare Wine Estate Preserves & Confectionery

Jersey Black Butter

Jersey Black Butter

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What is Black Butter?

Despite the name Black Butter is actually a rich and spicy apple preserve that goes back hundreds of years. The island of Jersey used to be full of apple orchards and cider was made by farmers to give to staff as part of their wages! People would then make Black Butter by boiling the cider over an open fire for up to two days and would then add apples, sugar, lemon, spices and a hint of liquorice while continuously stirring with a wooden ‘rabot’ or paddle. 

Production of the butter became a real community event where everyone got together and made the recipe while  singing, dancing and storytelling.

At La Mare Wine Estate we have spent two years perfecting this beloved traditional recipe and locals have rated it as one of the best they have ever tasted! We are also proud to have won 2 Great Taste Award gold stars.

How to use Black Butter

Black Butter is delicious spread over freshly baked bread and on scones with cream or on toast.  It can also be served as an accompaniment to white meats.


Apples (44%), cider (3.3%), lemons, treacle, sugar, Jersey Apple Brandy (0.5%),  liquorice (0.4%), mixed spice and cinnamon

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Allergen advice: Made in the La Mare Kitchen handling nuts, gluten and soya.

 We deliver to UK, Jersey & Guernsey. 

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