Collection: Ian Rolls

Ian is a full time artist who is well known in Jersey in the Channel Islands, where he has been based for most of his life.

Despite his Jersey roots he has spent prolonged periods living and working in India & Sri Lanka, cultures which have deeply affected his life, and two productive and delightful years in Devon in the south west of England.

Ian has travelled widely, an important source of inspiration for him and has shown his work in solo or group exhibitions in India, Sri Lanka, Germany, France, England and regularly in Jersey. Wherever he is in the world, the images he produces are characteristically distorted, playful and uplifting.

Ian draws with his left hand, although naturally right handed. But far from unnatural, this way of drawing produces a spontaneity and freedom of line that feels good and is as much related to the subconscious as the conscious. Ian has practised meditation for many years and this has directly influenced his way of working.