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Twin Islands Limited is a small company founded by Kerwin in Jersey. The company name brings together the two islands dear to the founders heart - Mauritius, where he was born and brought up and Jersey where he now lives.

'Drawing inspiration from Mauritius, we make all of our products in Jersey. Our brand name 'Pimata' is a coined Mauritian word which translates into 'PIMA = chilli' and 'TA = awe', together 'Awesome Chilli'.'

'The first product we launched was a chilli sauce and we named it Pimata, when later we launched the curries we transformed the name into our product brand range.'

'We operate in the heart of Jersey, handcrafting all our products in small batches and doing it all the proper traditional way. We only use the best and fresh ingredients so that we can deliver the same high standard quality product to all of our customers.'

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