Collection: Rosemary Blackmore

Rosemary was educated Jersey after which she graduated from Bath Academy of Art with B.A. Hons degree in Fine Art and has worked as an artist ever since.

'I am passionate about Jersey; the histories, architecture, the natural beauty of the coast and landscape and of course the iconic Jersey cows. For such a small island Jersey is as unique and diverse as it’s possible to be, we are surrounded by inspiration and endless creative possibilities. Through my painting I seek not to represent what I see in every detail but to portray light, weather and atmosphere through texture and colour, leaving the viewer to experience their own feelings and interpretation.'

'The colour, the light and huge variety of textures influence all aspects of my work. Jersey is a granite rock measuring nine miles by five and is situated a hundred miles south of England and fourteen miles west of France. We have some of the highest tides in the world resulting in a dramatically changing coast line. The sea in all it's moods from still reflections to wild winter storms provides me with endless raw material for my work.'