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La Mare Wine Estate Preserves & Confectionery

Branchage Cider & Jersey Apple Brandy Jelly

Branchage Cider & Jersey Apple Brandy Jelly

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Experience the Essence of La Mare Estate: Branchage Cider & Jersey Apple Brandy Jelly

Indulge in the rich and authentic flavours of the La Mare Estate with this Branchage Cider & Jersey Apple Brandy Jelly. Crafted with care and dedication, this exquisite jelly captures the essence of La Mare's renowned Branches cider and the crisp, sun-kissed apples from the estate in Jersey.

A Culinary Masterpiece:

  • Branchage Cider: Our Branchage cider is a testament to the art of cider making. It's a harmonious blend of carefully selected apples, fermented to perfection, resulting in a cider that's both crisp and full of character.

  • Jersey Apple Brandy: We've enhanced the cider's natural splendor by infusing it with the warmth of Jersey Apple Brandy. This rich and aromatic brandy adds a delightful depth of flavor and a touch of sophistication to every bite.

Versatile and Irresistible:

Our Branchage Cider & Jersey Apple Brandy Jelly is a versatile delight. Spread it generously on fresh artisanal bread, pair it with your favourite cheese, or elevate your desserts with its sweet and tangy notes. Whether as a breakfast treat or a gourmet addition to your culinary creations, this jelly is sure to delight your palate.

Pure Jersey Essence:

Made with love and expertise at La Mare Estate in Jersey, this jelly embodies the island's natural beauty and culinary excellence. It's a taste of Jersey in every jar, perfect for gifting or savouring as a special treat for yourself.

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