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La Mare Wine Estate Preserves & Confectionery

Jersey Honey 227g

Jersey Honey 227g

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Indulge in the creamy, golden elixir of Jersey with a jar of honey lovingly crafted by passionate beekeeper François Le Luyer. Each spoonful carries the unique terroir of the island, infusing your taste buds with the vibrant flavours of local wildflowers.

Collected with precision and passion, this honey is a sublime mix of wildflower nectar, exhibiting a complexity of floral notes and a sweetness that only pure, untreated honey can supply. Its velvety texture makes it the perfect addition to breakfast bowls, dressings, drinks, and more.

Beyond its deliciousness, François Le Luyer's Jersey Honey is a reflection of a tranquil balance between man, bee, and nature. It is a tribute to time-honoured beekeeping techniques, sustainability, and the love for Jersey's plentiful biodiversity. Enclosed in a glass jar, this honey is much more than a tasty treat; it is a memento of tradition and the spirit of St John


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