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Jersey Jams & Truffles Hamper - UK Delivery

Jersey Jams & Truffles Hamper - UK Delivery

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Dive into a sensory journey of Jersey with our meticulously curated Jams & Truffles hamper, embodying the island's most delightful sweet treats. Nestled within this beautifully presented package are four artisanal Jersey preserves, each hand-crafted with care and tradition at La Mare Wine Estate.

  • Ripe and Juicy Raspberry Preserve: A jar of sun-kissed raspberries captured at their peak, offering a burst of sweetness with every spread.

  • Sun-Ripened Strawberry Jam: A timeless classic, this preserve boasts of succulent strawberries to bring that perfect balance of tart and sweet.

  • Aromatic & Zesty Three Fruit Marmalade: A harmonious blend of three citrus fruits, this marmalade is a dance of flavors, tantalizing your taste buds with its aromatic zestiness.

  • Mouth-watering Citrus & Orange Marmalade: Delight in the refreshing and tangy notes of citrus, complemented by the subtle sweetness of ripe oranges.

To elevate the sweetness quota, the hamper also features a luxurious box of 8 La Mare Estate Premier Truffles, a chocolate indulgence that melts in your mouth, leaving behind a trail of rich cocoa and creamy goodness.

Presented in an elegant box and wrapped with affection, this hamper is not just a gift, but a heartfelt gesture that promises a taste of Jersey's best. Ideal for morning toasts that need a hint of island magic or those afternoon tea sessions with buttery scones waiting for their perfect topping. Gift this, and you're gifting a piece of Jersey's heart.


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