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Maison de Jersey

La Mare Estate Gift Set

La Mare Estate Gift Set

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La Mare Estate's Genuine Jersey Gift Set: A Taste of Island Tradition

Embrace the essence of Jersey's culinary heritage with La Mare Estate's Genuine Jersey Gift Set. This thoughtfully curated collection showcases the island's finest treasures, lovingly crafted with the utmost care and authenticity. Inside this charming gift set, you'll discover:

  • selection of Shortbread Biscuits: Delight in the buttery perfection of our shortbread biscuits, made to melt in your mouth. Crafted with the finest ingredients, they're a classic indulgence that reflects the warmth of Jersey's hospitality.

  • Fudge: Indulge in the creamy delight of our fudge, a timeless treat that captures the essence of La Mare Estate's artisanal expertise. Each piece is a bite-sized masterpiece of sweetness.

  • Jar of Apple Black Butter: Explore the unique taste of Jersey with a jar of our Apple Black Butter. Made from locally grown apples and a secret blend of spices, it's a culinary gem that embodies the island's rich tradition.

This Genuine Jersey Gift Set is more than a collection of delectable treats; it's a journey into the heart of the island, where quality and authenticity reign supreme. Whether you're savoring these delights yourself or gifting them to someone special, this set is a celebration of Jersey's culinary excellence.

Experience the genuine taste of Jersey. Order La Mare Estate's Genuine Jersey Gift Set today and savour the island's culinary treasures.

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