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La Mare Estate

La Mare Estate Sloe Gin 20cl

La Mare Estate Sloe Gin 20cl

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Experience La Mare Estate's Sloe Gin, a handcrafted marvel of winter libations ideal for sipping chilled or adding an exquisite touch to your sparkling wine. Enjoy an aroma of spiced fruits and juniper that evoke the festive season, then taste the sweetness of sloe berries, a complex profile of spices, and a long, smooth finish. Surprise a loved one with this gift of authenticity, made from natural and whole ingredients (shhh - our little secret).

 Tasting Notes:

  • Botanicals: A hand-selected bouquet of classic gin botanicals, harmoniously blended with the rich, fruity essence of mature sloe berries.
  • Nose: Enticing aromas of spiced fruits mingle with a hint of juniper, evoking the festive season.
  • Palate: The initial sweetness of sloe berries unfolds to reveal a complex profile of warming spices and a gentle botanical verve.
  • Finish: A long, smooth finish with a subtly sweet caress, leaving a velvety warmth that comforts the soul.

Please be advised that the presence of natural sediment is a testament to the authentic process and whole berries used in crafting our sloe gin, assuring you of its untouched quality and depth of flavour.

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