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La Mare Wine Estate Jersey Wines & Spirits

Jersey Royal Winter Berry Gin 35cl - NEW - LIMITED EDITION

Jersey Royal Winter Berry Gin 35cl - NEW - LIMITED EDITION

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Winter Berry Gin - 35cl - La Mare Wine Estate

Discover the artisanal charm of Winter Berry Gin, a distinguished spirit deftly handcrafted in the esteemed La Mare Wine Estate of Jersey. This 35cl bottle encapsulates a blend of tradition and local flair, ensuring a drinking experience that is both authentic and unforgettable.

Key Features:

  1. Seven Classic Botanicals: The soul of Winter Berry Gin is its bespoke selection of seven classic botanicals. Each has been handpicked for its exceptional quality and contributory essence, achieving a gin that is the epitome of balance and harmony.

  2. Infusion of Sloes and Seasonal Berries: Imbued with the essence of sloes and an assortment of seasonal berries, this infusion bestows upon the gin a profound, fruity complexity that echoes the verdant bounty of Jersey.

  3. Crafted in an Alembic Charantais Cognac Distillery: Crafted within the storied walls of an Alembic Charantais Cognac distillery, this gin is a tribute to the timeless art of distillation, yielding a spirit that is as refined as it is flavoursome.

  4. Jersey Royal Potato Heritage: Infusing a piece of Jersey’s renowned heritage, the gin features the distinctive touch of the Island’s famed Jersey Royal Potato, lending it an innovative and subtly earthy character.

  5. Double Distillation Process: To ensure the utmost purity and intensity of flavour, the gin benefits from a rigorous double distillation process. This precision captures the quintessence of the juniper wash, delivering a gin that is both impeccably clean and richly nuanced.

  6. Ideal for a Variety of Occasions: Whether enjoyed on its own with a generous helping of ice or as the foundation of a yuletide cocktail, this 35cl Winter Berry Gin is versatile in its appeal. It shines brightly as the base of a classic G&T or a bespoke Christmas cocktail.

In essence, the 35cl Winter Berry Gin from La Mare Wine Estate is not just a beverage; it's an homage to the rich tapestry of Jersey's flavours and an ode to the craft of distillation. Each sip invites a voyage into the Island’s distinctive tastes, rendering it an essential addition to the collection of any gin connoisseur or enthusiast.

Also available in 70cl

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