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La Mare Wine Estate Jersey Wines & Spirits

Jersey Royal Winter Berry Gin 70cl - NEW - LIMITED EDITION

Jersey Royal Winter Berry Gin 70cl - NEW - LIMITED EDITION

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Winter Berry Gin - Handcrafted at La Mare Wine Estate

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of Winter Berry Gin, a premium artisanal spirit meticulously handcrafted at the renowned La Mare Wine Estate in Jersey. This unique gin is a symphony of classic and local flavours, harmoniously blended to deliver a distinctive and memorable drinking experience.

Key Features:

  1. Seven Classic Botanicals: At the heart of Winter Berry Gin lies a carefully curated selection of seven classic botanicals. Each botanical is chosen for its superior quality and ability to complement the other flavors, creating a balanced and harmonious gin.

  2. Sloes and Seasonal Berries Infusion: Elevating its profile, the gin is infused with handpicked sloes and a variety of seasonal berries. This infusion imparts a rich, fruity depth, making the gin not only refreshing but also evocative of Jersey’s lush landscapes.

  3. Alembic Charantais Cognac Distillery: Utilising the traditional Alembic Charantais Cognac distillery, Winter Berry Gin is a testament to the art of distillation. This method ensures a gin that is both smooth and rich in flavour, with a subtle complexity that is rare to find.

  4. Jersey Royal Potato Influence: Celebrating the heritage of Jersey, the gin incorporates the unique influence of the Island’s world-renowned Jersey Royal Potato. This ingredient adds an unexpected yet delightful twist, distinguishing the gin with a local touch.

  5. Double Distillation Process: Emphasising purity and clarity of flavour, the gin undergoes a meticulous double distillation process. This method ensures that only the finest elements of the juniper wash are captured, resulting in a gin that is both clean and full-bodied.

  6. Versatile Serving Suggestions: Perfect for savouring on its own or as part of a festive cocktail, Winter Berry Gin is best enjoyed with plenty of ice. Its versatile nature makes it an ideal choice for a classic gin and tonic or a creative Christmas cocktail.

Winter Berry Gin from La Mare Wine Estate is more than just a gin; it is a celebration of Jersey’s rich heritage and the art of distillation. Each sip promises a journey through the Island’s unique flavours, making it a must-try for gin enthusiasts and novices alike.

Also available in 35cl

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